Rock Hard Nail Extensions Information & Aftercare

Rock Hard Nail Extensions are a more modern version of Acrylic Nails.18700420_1504226519595871_5774373237481579780_o
They defiantly have their advantages;
~ Length & Strength
~ No Odour
~ Clear or French tip Finish
~ No Soaking off!

While extensions have been given a “Bad name” in the past this is usually due to incorrect application techniques and horrendous removal techniques causing damage to your natural nail.
They are an investment and require regular maintenance appointments to keep them looking their best, and to keep your natural nail underneath healthy and protected.

It takes time to get used to wearing nail extensions, you will need to adjust the way you preform some day to day tasks. If you need some tips and hints see my “Nails are Jewels Not Tools” info sheet.

Your extensions require 2 weekly back fills as your natural nail grows out, this is not negotiable as it can do harm to your natural nail if you leave it to long between appointments.

Use a medium grit file to keep the length similar to when you left the salon to prevent lifting at the back of your extension.
If you have French Tip Hard Gels, these require a little extra care. They can stain the same as our natural nails from things such as applying make up, false tan, smoking and cleaning.
To prevent this apply a high quality clear traditional top coat, which you can remove and reapply as required.
Your hard gel extensions cannot be soaked off, if you wish to have them removed please do not hesitate to contact me to have then professionally removed to prevent damage to your natural nail.

Never pick or pop your extensions off this will cause severe damage and be very painful.


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