Artistic Perfect Dip Information & Aftercare


Artistic Perfect Dip Nail Extensions are perfect for any occasion if you cannot commit to fortnightly back fills with Rock Hard Gel Extensions.
These natural looking extensions are also easily removed with no damage to the natural nail beneath, making them even better for school balls & Weddings.

It takes time to get used to wearing nail extension, you will need to adjust the way you preform some day to day tasks. If you need some tips and hints see my “Nails are Jewels Not Tools” info sheet.

Avoid soaking in water for the next 24hours. Doing dishes, swimming pools, spa pools and cleaning chemicals. Although your nails feel dry they need 24 hours to cure properly.

Always use gloves when doing housework or gardening.

Your extensions  can be back filled in 2 weeks as your natural nail grows out, but after a months wear I do recommend to remove them and replace them.

Use a medium grit file to keep the length similar to when you left the salon to prevent lifting at the back of your extension.

Cuticle oil – Use this at least once a day, this will allow the nail to stay hydrated, which in return will help to stop chipping and cracking happening.

Your nails can stain the same as our natural nails from things such as applying make up, false tan, smoking and cleaning.
To prevent this, apply a high quality traditional clear top coat, which you can remove and reapply as required.

Your extensions are a soak “ off product” which I recommend returning to the salon for a removal, and IBX treatment on your nails to make sure your natural nails are in good health & prevent any damage from occurring to your natural nail. If you are not able to get back into the salon to have the removed, please refer to the Artistic Colour gloss aftercare sheet to removal instructions. Never pick or pop your extensions off this will cause severe damage and be very painful.

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